Thursday, February 18, 2016

Oxford Owl and Kiwi Kids News

Our pānui pukapuka today was all about reading independently. We were allowed to go onto the Oxford Owl website and select a book that we were interested in. After that we went to the Kiwi Kids News website and found interesting articles to read.

Solo Taxonomy

We are going to design and build a replica of an old Māori pā. Our first step today was to use SOLO hexagons in small groups as a brainstorm tool.

Kaukau mō tēnai wiki

This week our WALT was to be able to swim under the water for as far as we could with one breath.

We started off the week with only a few tamariki actually being able to sink down to the bottom so our challenge was to get the whole class doing it by the end of the week.

Look at how we started.

Today we managed to get everyone in the class sinking and 4 boys managed to swim all the way to the other side in one breath. Ka wani kē! Ezekiel, Ricci, Wiremu, & Mikaere.

Mission achieved meant 10 minutes free time.

Monday, February 15, 2016

New laptop tables

Wow! Check out these amazing new tables that we have in our room. They are  going to provide the tamariki with a hard surface to write on and a comfy surface underneath. This morning we problem solved
 where we could store them. This place had to be out of the way but also easy to get access too. We decided under where are chrome books are charging would be a great storage place.

Sunday, February 14, 2016


Nau Mai , Haere Mai koutou katoa!

So wonderful to see happy smiling faces as we get started on our learning journey for 2016. We have a small class of fantastic tamariki with loads of great ideas and plenty of energy. Welcome to 4 tamariki hou, Merryn, Carlos, Neshaun and Jackson. 

For kaupapa, we have started the year with creating super heroes of ourselves in mahi toi and are going to be looking further into communities and how they are structured over the next few weeks. 

Pānagarau is all about statistics for the first 5 weeks and we are learning about line graphs at the moment.

Our swimming pool has been great for cooling off on those hot days and also meant we can continue with improving our swimming skills.