Saturday, March 3, 2018

Whakatauki and self portraits 2018

We have a new class this year and so have spent some time creating self portraits using a fantastic app. Then we inserted our school whakatauki. Take a look at a few.

WALT create a self portrait using a digital app.First we had to take a photo with a buddy.
Then we had to choose a filter using the photoLab app.
After that we had to add text in a contrasting colour and write out our school whakatauki.
Next we had to frame our self portrait and discuss with a buddy how we feel about it
and what we could do better next time.


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  2. kia ora i like orwer photo na jazaky

  3. This is amazing because you used a font that looks sick and you look like a sporty kid.
    Did you know it reminds me of a game but i forgot what it is called.
    Next time you could make your face pop out more.
    Why did you decide to use that font but the one you used still is sick?