Monday, November 9, 2015

What can I see?

Some more creative writing through the eyes of a tekoteko...

The War of the Tekoteko. Na Ricci
I was staring at the seal and the whales. But one dark night I heard a screech out in the sea there was this yellow light, I tried to wake up the soldiers. But it did not work then finally one of my soldiers started to wake up. Then he woke the rest the soldiers. They got ready for the war so the soldier’s went to the beach to fight. One of the other soldiers killed ten of my warriors.

I said to myself I am going to die but I then I saw 20 of my soldiers had killed all of the enemy. Then I was knew I did not die.  Every year the enemy’s tried to take over but they would always lose the war.

But one dark night there was a problem early in the morning it was 1 o'clock in the morning, there was a boat and there were a lot of people on the boat. So my soldier’s woke up and went to go and attack but somehow all of my soldier’s was dead.Then the enemy slept in me inside the whare moe.

I felt sad that my people had been killed  and angry that the enemy were sleeping in my whare.


  1. Tau kē Avarua. He ataahua ōu tuhituhi.

  2. I would be upset too Ricci if the enemy had captured my marae and were sleeping in my whare!