Thursday, August 11, 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo Tuhituhi

WALT use videos to make our writing better.
We know we can do this when:

  • We use capital I in the correct places.
  • We use fullstops.
  • We use capital letters.
  • We use similes.
  • We use adjectives.
Take a look at some of the tuhituhi below.

The Switch by Anahera
... by Cristiano Ronaldo
I’m in a game I shoot 1, I scored 1, I hit my head against the ball boy. I wake up and I felt strange I look around then I go see what is down stairs and a lady gave me some keys. I went to go look outside  and I see a fast car, I Ronaldo, pictured playing ...Cristiano Ronaldo | Nike ...

hopped in the fast car and I drove off then I went to practise for my big game then I hopped
In my car and I drive off to school I finished and I went home to have dinner then I went to bed and fall asleep so
can wake up early for my game so I can have a little bit of time to practise. It was time to go outside  and play his big game the ball boy was now playing soccer so they still went out to play there big game Cristiano Ronaldo kicked the ball and he tried  to get the ball so the ball boy went to try kick it but then Ronaldo tried to as well. So Ronaldo and the ball boy donged heads really really hard ouch that hurt really bad they switch back.
They keep playing they felt weird after the game so I went to shoot a goal and when I went home I was glad that we had bumped heads so I wouldn't  feel  weird  In the mornings so I went to sleep and the next day I went to practise so the ball boy  at practise and I said hi to him so we were best mates at school and at home and at soccer and so I went home and I was bored so  I called  my friend and I said to him do you want to came over for the night? So he came over for the night and then we watched our game on tv and we saw ourselves on tv and we  also saw the switch and so we turned the tv off because we did not want to see It happen. So we went to another soccer game and we were playing in the same team because we did not want the switch to happen again so we went to training and then after that we went to get dinner and we had to eat healthy and so we got some salads and waters then we went home to eat and watched soccer.


  1. Kia ora Te Puna o Te Reo 3. We have loved visiting your blogs today. We noticed that some children don't have a lot on their blogs yet and we remember when we first started blogging that it was a hard job sometimes to get everyone posting. Here are some ideas of what you could post:
    1. Weekend sports
    2. Reflections of your learning over the week
    3. Current events.

    We are also learning how to create a link to our blogs in our comments. If you want to know how to do this, check our blog later because we may have a video showing how we did it!

    Ka kite ano! Miss Panther

  2. Kia Orana my name is Will. I love soccer and Cristiano Ronaldo. I enjoyed reading your blog and please keep up do date with my blog!