Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ngā Taumahekeheke o te Ao

WAL the kupu for the Olympics. We know we can do this when we have a correct image for each 
kupu hou. 


  1. Kia Ora Te Puna o te Reo 3, The slide shows that you have made are very cool I really like them, I like how it has pictures and the maori word saying what it is. How long did these slides take you to make? From Ayesha

  2. Hello Te Puna o te Reo 3: Hello I'am Caitlyn, from the Mamaku hub at Greymain school. I love your slide that you have created it really looks like you have put alot of effort into it. your Slide is Amazing and I have to admit that alot of your slides are quality work great job

  3. Hi, it;s Will here. I don't really understand Maori but I do now. I really like you DLO. Thanks for teaching me something.